Project Information

The Rijnmond Energy Center Project is a nominal 800 MW facility consisting of a “2 X 2 X 1” combined cycle arrangement. There are two combustion turbine generators (CTG’s), two duct-fired heat recovery steam generators (HRSG’s), and a single steam turbine generator (STG). The plant will be capable of supplying 350 tonnes/hr export steam line to the neighbouring Shell Netherlands Refinery, and the initial 125 tonnes/hr capability will be installed in the first phase.

Construction will be on a formerly utilised refinery tank storage site and will involve site preparation, grading, temporary and permanent access road construction, fencing, piling, earth movement, foundation work, underground piping and cabling, structural steel erection, placement of heavy equipment, above ground piping and cable installation and general building works. A control room, workshop, warehouse and offices will also be constructed on the site. Work shall also include tie in to existing sewers and other utilities as well as a gas supply installation.



A mechanical draft-cooling tower will be utilised and cooling tower makeup water and plant process water will be supplied from the 2e Petroleumhaven. A water treatment plant will be constructed on site. Cooling tower blowdown will be discharged back to the 2e Petroleumhaven. Storm water will be directed to an oily-water separator before being directed back to the 2e Petroleumhaven.

The Project will fire only natural gas. A new 2.1 km natural gas pipeline lateral will be constructed parallel to the connecting A15 road (work not in BEH scope). Transmission lines from the main transformers connect to an underground transmission system and a remote switchyard (provided by TZH). Bechtel ENKA Holland VOF will be responsible for the process steam pipeline that connects to the Shell facility, approximately 1.0 km south of the Project site.